Flexibility in Design

Roofing Profiles for Verandahs, Patios, Carports & Walkways

LYSAGHT FLATDEK® (not available in Queensland) 
The LYSAGHT FLATDEK® roofing profile is a modern long-span cladding designed specifically for patio and verandah applications. The underside of LYSAGHT FLATDEK® features clean uninterrupted lines in an attractive flat ceiling with a high gloss finish.



LYSAGHT FLATDEK® II (available in Queensland only)
Offering the same finish as standard FLATDEK®, LYSAGHT FLATDEK® II has two pans compared to standard FLATDEK® sheeting’s one offering more cover width per sheet and faster installation of your verandah, patio or carport.

Flatdek 2

LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® is the iconic Australian profile equally at home with traditional and contemporary design. A common steel roofing choice, CUSTOM ORB® on your LYSAGHT Living Collection® verandah, patio or carport will fit seamlessly with any home.

LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® (not available in SA or WA)
LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® is a subtle fluted steel cladding profile incorporating fluted pans for strength and long spanning capabilities. A common profile in shed and fencing applications, TRIMDEK® is another profile option that will look at home covering your verandah, patio or carport.


LYSAGHT SPANDEK® (not available in SA or WA)
SPANDEK® is finding increasing popularity in contemporary home design with is bold trapezoidal corrugated appearance. LYSAGHT SPANDEK® will add a modern feel to your LYSAGHT® Living Collection verandah, patio or carport.

The LYSAGHT FIRMLOK® beam is a light, strong steel section developed with aesthetics in mind for your verandah, patio or carport.

LYSAGHT FIRMLOK® is available in a high gloss COLORBOND® steel finish.


All LYSAGHT Living Collection® roofing profiles are available in a range of COLORBOND® steel Colour Options.